Jan 6, 2009

Fun and Games

I was wanting a color die. Because I saw one and thought it would be easy to make. Not because I had any particular idea for one. It often works that way. I see something "cool", find a way to get it, and THEN figure out how to use it for teaching someone something. :) (yes my husband thinks I'm crazy)
So anyway, I found, on my rambling across the world wide web, a free, printable, template for a blank die or what passed for one, anyway. :) And I excitedly printed it and made this.

It sat in my cabinet for awhile until I finally figured out this game. It's for two or more players and they take it in turns to roll the die. The roller then says what color he/she rolled and gets to choose a math link cube of that color. There are two of each colors represented on the die, so after the second roll of each color, the roller loses a turn. The game is over when all the cubes are gone and the winner is the one with the most cubes.

This game was such a big hit with everyone that I came up with new forms of it.

ABC die for letter recognition.

and a lower case one

An addition die for help in memorizing math facts. I taped this one up and used stickers for the addition problems, so they are removable. I figured the big kids would learn these facts much faster than I wanted to make new dies!

And I am busy thinking of new kinds to make!!!

Oh and by the way, the site I linked above has tons of printable fun! I spent an evening drooling over all the things they have to offer for free!


Julie said...

You're right, that is a cool site. I don't think you are crazy, just creative! Thanks for sharing your idea. Julie http://funiinthesunmom.blogspot.com

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Very neat...I will have to look into that site. :)


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