Jan 22, 2009

The knee bone is connected to the shin bone...

Here's another big kid "Montessori" work. This is from our science tub. I don't remember where exactly I found this, but if you google "human skeleton" several similar things pop up. I copied and pasted into my print shop program, and re-sized it into four matching images. One I left whole, one I cut the labels off, and one I cut totally apart. For now, I put out the whole and the one with the labels cut off. They use the whole for the control and match their labels to the cut up card.

I found it was easier if they put their puzzle together on a piece of felt, so the pieces don't slide around all over the place.
Since putting this puzzle together a couple of times, they have started including bone names in their daily chatter. Totally hilarious when we are out in public.


Hafts Happenings said...

Great finding your blog today. I have 4 kids, too. Mine are all teenagers now..whew! Four is a lot fo fun huh? It's awesome that you homeschool.

Anesha said...

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