Jan 21, 2009


Nate wanted to go outside, but I insisted that he finish his math first. After a few minutes, he commented, "Mom, you are making us work like Jacob's children."
I really thought he would at least be a preteen before he called me a slave-driver!

The kids have gotten into the habit of saying "Hey!" and I have found myself responding like my mom used to do... "Hay is for horses." So the other day, I overheard Kaytie and Nate in the midst of this conversation.
Kaytie, "Hay isn't just for horses; cows eat hay, too."
Nate, "AND, horses don't just eat hay; they eat grass and carrots and apples."

Nate asked, "Mom, our bird needs to talk."
"I don't think he is the kind of bird that can talk, Nate."
"Well, I need him to, because I need him to tell me what he thinks about feather dusters."

Kaytie and Nate asked, "Mom, how do you say 'burrito' in Spanish?"

Nate ran through the house, calling, "Mom! I'm so expensive!"

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