Jan 25, 2009

Totschool lite (fewer calories, but not quite as tasty)

So. Here we have a very historic moment... my first picture-less Totschool post. (My niece, who knows my love for pictures, is falling over right about now. :) ) I really have no excuse for why I didn't take pictures this week. Well, no good excuse, anyway. We were busy taking videos with the camera, but I can't load them because after THREE HOURS of trying, I gave up. If it takes the computer that long to think about it, it really doesn't need to be done. The videos really weren't THAT cool. We also didn't have any new things this week. Well, except for my adorable penguin and fish game that no one bothered to play with. Sigh. Come on, it's PENGUINS people! In my house, that is usually all it takes to make them fall all over themselves getting to it first. I simply do not know what their problem is!
Ok, so, anyway, nothing you haven't seen before... so I'm just going to give a quick list of what the popular items were this week and move on to next week. Next week there WILL be new things to take pictures of.
For three reasons:
1. Valentine's Day is coming up, so we are switching from our bland theme of... well, nothing, to hearts and sweet love. :)
2. Because my awesome husband blessed me with $20 and an unencumbered (by children) trip to the Dollar Tree and Target (where I visited the dollar section) and my well-loved but rather more expensive, Mardel. So we have $20 worth of new stuff. :)
3. We have two vehicles again, so we will be having a field trip and starting some Charlotte Mason type stuff this week. (I really love how Montessori and Mason really fit together, especially when they are both tweaked with a good dose of Four Little Penguin-ish-ness)
Ok, so, my list (I almost forgot about it!)
Daniel's favorites were:
the popcorn and trucks;
the ABC puzzle;
and the noodle search;
Abbie's favorites are:
hammering play dough;
the dressing bears;
and the sound jars;
PS. I tried linking all of those to the original post, but, for some reason, links and lists were not working well together and the links kept getting mixed together. My patience was not at its highest to begin with, so... If you click on Totschool in the "I blog about" section of the sidebar, you can peruse all previous Totschool posts at your leisure (or even when you are in a hurry, I'm not particular).
PPS. For more Totschool posts, ones with pictures and working links and patient bloggers, go over to 1+1+1=1 and check it out!


Liz said...

you're right.. I was shocked! lol But if you make it a habit then i will get worried because that means that someone has switched your personality or you've been invaded by body snatchers.

MoziEsmé said...

I do miss those calories - er - photos! But it is fun to read what you guys are up to, anyway...


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