Feb 22, 2009

Ghost stories

The kids love to turn off the lights in their rooms and play. Sometimes they just have fun with flashlights, sometimes they go on Safari, and sometimes they have a camping trip. I'm not sure exactly what they were playing the other night, but I heard Kaytie suggest, "Let's tell ghost stories!"
This is the sort of thing that has the potential to end badly, so I began to pay close attention. Here is her story:
I was walking through the dark house and heard footsteps behind me! I was scared! I ran! But the footsteps followed me! I looked back, and there was a GHOST! So I turned around and I told that Ghost about Jesus!!! Then he went to all the people he had chased and told them he was sorry for scaring them.

Now, before you go "Awww!" and think how spiritual she is, I need to tell you that this is the same girl who used to "evangelize" her brother by informing him, "I'm a Christian and you aren't! So I am going to Heaven and you are going to Hell." Grace is not exactly her strong point.

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MoziEsmé said...

Interesting how what we say gets absorbed and interpreted!


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