Feb 23, 2009


What has Nate been up to lately?

Graphing with hearts. We do this, in some form, every February. I don't know what it is about hearts that just makes me think, "Let's graph!" but that is just the way it is.

Pin punching. I read on my favorite Montessori blog about this activity and how it was good for handwriting. We need all the help we can get with handwriting, so we do pin punching. Quite frankly, we are not good at it, and we do not enjoy it, but we do it anyway. It helped a lot when I bought some REALLY BIG push-pins for them to use.

Reading. The kids LOVE to read. I found them each a series that I keep special for silent reading during school. This is something they look forward to and remind me of if I forget. Their reading is listed on the sidebar. Somewhere.


scraps_n_stuff said...

i feel like i'm comment stalking you this week! but i had to comment on the pin punches. i used to use laminated shapes that went along with our theme (i.e. stars and spaceships for outerspace month). i don't know if you are doing this, but maybe if your son got to choose some of the shapes he might enjoy it more.

Spesamor Academy said...

I use cookie cutters and trace out the shapes. We have a HUGE tin of cutters, so he does get to choose his own shapes.
They start out enthusistically, but their excitement wanes as the work gets "tedious". I've started letting them put it away in the middle and come back to it later, but then there is the issues of wanting to start a new one instead of finishing up the old one first.


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