Feb 12, 2009

Making Valentines

We have a Valentine's Day party tomorrow with the cousins. So today, we made valentines!
First, we looked through all of our valentine books and online, for cute one-liners. Such as "Somebody wuffs you". And I made a list. We came up with nearly 30.
Then I made another list of each child and who they needed to give a valentine to.
They then went through the one-liners and picked one for each kid they were making a valentine for.
I then browsed clip art and found a cute picture for each one-liner that we would be using.
I pasted them all onto one "sheet of paper" in my photo shop program, sized them, and printed them.
I typed all the one-liners up, colored them appropriately, and printed them as well.
I cut everything out and sorted them by child.
Then we got out the glue and brushes and the colored paper (cut into eighths).

They had a blast gluing everything together. Kaytie and Nate are old enough to get the humor as well. :)

The final step was my writing the names on each valentine.

Here are a few to show off the final product.

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One More Equals Four said...

Very cute...I bet they had a great time! Enjoy the party and the holiday weekend!


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