Mar 2, 2009

Thoughts on Marriage

One of the paychecks of a stay-at-home-mom is the humor I receive from overheard conversations. This is my latest reward...
Kaytie: I am not ever going to kiss a boy!
Nate: You will have to kiss a boy at your wedding. That's the only time I'm going to kiss a girl. Is at my wedding. And she will kiss me back.
Kaytie: No. I am not ever going to kiss a boy and no boy will EVER kiss me back! I'll get boy germs! ICK!
Nate: Mom? Did you and Dad kiss at your wedding?
Me: Yes.
Nate: You and Dad got married, huh?
Me: Yep.
Nate: That's one of the reasons you live together, huh?
Me: At least one of the reasons, yes.
Kaytie: Who are you gonna marry, Nate? When you grow up.
Nate: I'm gonna marry.... Lizzie! (his 17 year old cousin)
Kaytie: You can't marry Lizzie, Nate, because she is gonna marry Mr Potato Head!


Tami said...

That is hilarious. Does Lizzie know of her arranged marriage?

One More Equals Four said...

Too cute! Dancer insists she is NEVER going to get married because I told her when she does she has to move out and live in her own house! I guess I'll never have toworry about her kissing either! ☺ LOL!

Jessica said...

Lol, how funny! My kids have quite gotten the concept of marriage yet either. They're pretty sure that they'll just marry eachother and call it good:)

Spesamor Academy said...

Tami, yes, Lizzie knows... at least she can be comforted that she has several options!
1more=4, Kaytie has graciously accepted my proposal of living across the street from her when she gets married. I suggested next door at first, but that was a "no".
Jessica, Kaytie and Nate were going to marry each other, too. But their cousins informed them that wasn't allowed, so now they are exploring other options.

Liz said...

Thanks Aunt Laura but I'm not comforted in the "Several options" thing. because really if i have to choose between Nate or Mr. Potato Head, it has to be Mr.Potato head. That's not really very comforting.

Spesamor Academy said...

Don't make me bring up all the tater-tots you will have if you marry Mr. Potato Head! ;)

MoziEsmé said...

Glad they got it all figured out! It took me much longer...


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