Feb 15, 2009

Totschool, hearts and stars

For Totschool this week, we were very busy with Valentine's Day. We made some valentines for friends and cousins.

And one for Dad, as well.
And we went to a party, where we decorated hearts

with stickers

and with glitter glue.
We spent a little bit of time working with our Montessori stuff, and we also spent some time outside. We are starting into Spring around here, and have been having some glorious weather! So we have been going downstairs to ride bikes, draw nature pictures, and kick balls around. Next week, it is supposed to be cold and cloudy, so we will be back to working hard inside.
Another interest happening around here is space and space travel. The big kids are learning astronomy in "afternoon school" so we have been reading books and watching movies (at the science museum) about space. As a result, the kids have turned the couch into a spaceship and have taken to roaming the universe. Daniel now converses quite intelligently about asteroids, Mercury, and just how hot the sun is. So now I'm pondering and searching for ways to incorporate this into his and Abbie's Montessori box...
Oh, and I almost forgot... Daniel's new love is this book Seaweed Soup. It is a "math" book, and I really got it because it sort of teaches that you might think you don't like a food, but if you taste it, it could be really good! (and this is a lesson that can never be re-enforced too often around this crowd!) But none of them seemed to catch that part. :) Daniel loves it because it has the word "disgusting" in it more than once, and he is IN LOVE with grossness right now.
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One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a fun week!

scraps_n_stuff said...

Little Bo Peep was just looking over my shoulder while I was reading your blog and said, "I *love* those kids." I guess homeschooled kids always find each other!


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