Feb 22, 2009

Totschool: The highlight of our week

Somehow, my camera got switched to a setting that was just very very wrong, so most of the pictures I took this week just weren't any good at all. But I think I salvaged enough to give you some highlights of our week.

The week started, and ended, with goofiness. This girl is crazy!

But then we settled down to serious work with our Montessori boxes...

Daniel loves making letters with the play dough. He usually focuses on one letter each time he chooses it. He cuts that letter out, then destroys it with the knife, then cuts it out again. This activity has helped him learn his letters faster than any thing else I have tried. He now knows all four of these letters, and the sound they make. I just wish I had lower case cookie-cutters!

The ABC puzzle is always a favorite. Daniel whips through it several times in a row, and Abbie completed it TWICE this week!

We played many a game of Color Rolling.

Daniel finally showed an interest in the dress-up bears. He spent more time organizing the box than he did dressing the bears.

Abbie had a good time matching colors.

And an even better time putting the colors back in the bag.
Daniel turned the heart sort into an architect's endeavour.

Daniel has finally started playing with the Pooh Go-together cards. First, you figure out which objects go together, then you flip them over and check your work by seeing if you made a picture with the cards. Abbie took a turn with them, too, but the "go together" part was too much for her, so she just turned them over and made the pictures.
There are 3 different "levels" to the Penguin game.

Abbie enjoyed the first one, where you match the number on each fish-card to the same number on each penguin-card.

Daniel started with the second level, counting fish and then matching the number to the penguin-card.

The second level was so easy that he tried out the third level. He identified each number (he's getting very good at this) and then counted out the correct number of fish for each penguin-card.
And we had fun at our science museum. We buy a year membership every year and then we go whenever we like for free! With a family our size, we pay for the membership with the first two visits, and all the rest are freebies, so it is so worth it. It can be a little challenging taking all four of them by myself, since in a place so fascinating, they tend to take off in four different directions at once, but on this day, they were very considerate and stayed pretty close together.

Sometimes, they were even willing to look at the same exhibit at the same time! I love the fact that they have tons of stools scattered around so that the tiny ones can see, too.

This exhibit is supposed to be about matching iguana characteristics to their environment, and the lights go green when you put the cards in the correct slot. However, Daniel kept working and working with this until he got all the lights in an AB pattern. It cracked me up. If only he had remembered to work from left to right!

This was Abbie's favorite. She loves to turn the air on and off and make the ball go up and down! She got pretty good at keeping it up out of Daniel's reach, so he couldn't run off with it.

One of the awesome things about the museum is Tiny Town. It's a cool little "fenced-in" area for the tots who visit. It is filled with blocks, puzzles, a house to play in, and some climbing toys. We played there for quite some time.

Daniel built this giraffe there. The head on its back is not a growth, but its baby that it was giving a piggy back ride.

Go check out more Totschool posts at Carissa's blog! You'll be glad you did. :)


Joannof10 said...

What a great week! Where is the penguin matching game from?--I would love that for my littles.

Julie said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the a b patterning. :) I agree, membership passes are the best when you have a large group. Hope your week goes well.

alicia b said...

I really do look forward to your posts. You have some very creative ideas, thanks for sharing. I was also wondering if you had a second to answer a question I am struggling with...what did you do with your youngest when she was 17-18 months old? I have a six and a brand new three who loves this work time, but what to do with the little sister? Anything you have to share about that would be so appreciated! you can just email me at adbland@email.com if you have time. thanks for taking the time if you have time to answer.

alicia b

Spesamor Academy said...

Joann, I made those penguins. Here is a link where you can print them.

MoziEsmé said...

Looks like a busy fun week - even with the camera not on the right setting!


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