Feb 10, 2009

Totschool when we are sick

We had a lot of sickies running around our house this week, so several mornings, instead of doing school, we watched Veggie Tales, or Thomas, or... yeah. We also had a couple of birthday parties to cope with, both of which were tons of fun and highly enjoyed. And we had some beautiful weather, so we spent some time outside riding bikes.

Daddy giving a ride to the Speed Queen.

Daniel was more than willing to pose for a picture.
And here is Abbie, demonstrating how freakishly strong she is by picking up, and carrying, Daniel's tricycle.
We did get in a little regular school.

Daniel practiced counting. He puts one marshmallow on each snowman, counting as he goes, when he runs out of snowmen in the line, he yells his last number, and points to the printed number on the sheet. I first put this out with cotton balls, and no one paid any attention to it, so I tried marshmallows, and now Daniel is all over it.

Abbie made a bouquet.

And then she finally discovered the name puzzle and put it together.

She worked on the number puzzle and put it together without any help at all.

And Daniel sorted hearts by color. This is a new favorite work.
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