Mar 4, 2009

Beginning Grammar

I saw something similar to this on a blog a long time ago. But I never quite got what they were talking about. The idea hung in my head, though, until this finally tumbled out.
I made up simple sentences, "The cold rain fell." and printed them in strips. I printed them twice and cut one set up into words. Each word was color-coded for the part of speech it was in the sentence. Nouns are yellow, verbs are green, adjectives are blue and articles are pink. We haven't yet discussed adverbs, so I didn't use any. She chooses a sentence and copies it. Or she makes up her own sentences. (her favorite) And as she works, we talk about the parts of speech, how they are defined, how it is what a word does and not what it is that makes it a particular part. The color coding helps her identify and makes it seem more like a puzzle to her than a grammar exercise.

She enjoys language, but her handwriting is slow and painstaking at times. I like to find ways to work on harder concepts without her being held back by her handwriting. I want her to work and perfect her handwriting without the distraction of learning concepts. She just thinks she is having fun.

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