Mar 19, 2009

Circle Time

I was asked about our Circle Time, so I'm going to try to describe what we do.
First, I have to say that what we do is not entirely what I want to do. I have a cool poster board thingee that I made up with tons of different things attractively glued to it in order to give us the ultimate in learning fun. But it doesn't matter how or what I tried, I just could not get through it without the majority of us losing patience and weeping. If you like, I could do a lovely post on that, because, it was the kind of thing that worked really well when I only had two students and they could take turns and it went quickly and flowed quite well. Add in a couple more attention-hungry, action-driven (polite people always call my kids "busy") loud and crazy toddlers and it quit working.
Now, our Circle Time goes more like this:
Prayer (sometimes I pray, but the big kids enjoy having a turn as well, their participation is always voluntary)

The Pledge of Allegiance (I know this seems a little "school-at-homish", but we do this for three reasons:

  1. I want them to know the Pledge because I believe patriotism is important.

  2. Good Citizenship is one of the few things we are required to teach in our state.

  3. it is incredibly cute to see my tiny children place their hands somewhat close to their hearts and seriously pledge their allegiance to their native country

We read library books on our current theme. We also read a story from a Bible Story book.

We work on our current Scripture verses that we are memorizing.

And we sing songs. I've given up singing the ABC song, because all of the kids know it, but we sing fun songs, Scripture songs, and hymns as the mood strikes us. Occasionally, we will sing some of the big kids' Geography songs.

Other than praying first, we have no particular order and I like to bounce back and forth between singing and reading to keep interest high and boredom low.

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pucktricks said...

I would love to see a picture of your circle time poster. I think the pledge of allegiance is a great idea, and that makes me want to include it in our calendar time. You also reminded me I need to start including some songs, that would be fun to do.


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