Mar 7, 2009

Planet Puzzle

The big kids and I are reading through Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. It is often over their heads, and we haven't been really doing many of the activities (I'm saving that for when we go back through it the second time) but it is enjoyable, they are learning bits and pieces, and it has definitely given them an interest in space.
We did make a solar system which was lots of fun and very instructive. We check out books from the library on whatever planet we are currently studying. The kids make a "notebook page" for each planet. And I constructed this puzzle...

I found the pieces at Sparkle Box (a seriously cool site!) and made two copies of two different sizes. I cut apart the small set, glued the labels onto a sheet of black construction paper, and embellished with star stickers and a handwritten title.
They match the small planets to the correct labels.

Then they use the bigger cards to check their work.
It isn't high excitement, but it is something they choose fairly often on their own.

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