Mar 19, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Our St Patrick's Day fun started with green milk and green sprinkles on our cinnamon toast.

We had a parade. The kids brought in their bikes as a very special treat.

We colored pictures.

And made Irish flags.

The big kids did a bunch of worksheets from learning page, my favorite place for worksheets. And the little kids colored a rainbow.

We danced to Irish music, using an old CD I have had for years and years. I don't exactly recommend it, because it isn't exactly for kids, but it worked for us since the kids weren't listening to the words. :D

We hunted for gold coins. I gave out a handful of skittles as prizes... one for who found the most; one for who looked the hardest; one for who found the "special" coin (thankfully, they did not ask which coin was special) and one for the shortest kid. :)

After lunch and nap, we had cookies. Because a holiday isn't a holiday around here without a sweet treat.

And we finished up our fun and busy day with a trip to the park, a dinner out to eat (since the kids got a free meal at our Red Robin) and an evening of shopping with Dad.

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