Mar 1, 2009

Totschool: beginning Spring

For Totschool this week, we had some new things and some old things and some old things just repackaged a little more attractively.

This picture/letter sort was never touched by anybody until I put it in this pot decorated like a clown. Now everyone is all over it. In this picture, Abbie looks like she knows what she is doing. But once we got past "m" for milk, she got all the others wrong. But at least she is working with it!

You can tell by this picture that Daniel has a pretty good grasp of his "baby" letters, but needs some work on his "mommy" letters.

He did go back and fix his capital letters, with some help.

They did not get the point of this activity at all. They were supposed to put the correct number of stickers on each card. Daniel can do this, but he got all caught up in playing with the stickers and never bothered to actually count. I'm considering ways of simplifying this, or just changing it altogether. (The cards are taped, so the stickers peel back off)

Yes, she looks deep in thought, but really she has no idea what she is supposed to be doing. They both enjoyed this a lot when I left them alone to just peel and stick.

They both LOVE this wipe off book. I have mixed feelings about it, since neither of them show much responsibility regarding the dry erase marker. Abbie has purple spots in several pairs of pants that won't come out.

This was a favorite new work. I spent $3 at Dollar Tree, getting the vase and two bunches of flowers (which I cut apart). The kids had a great time stuffing the flowers in the vase over and over and over again.

See how serious he is?

I found a Jenga game in our storage closet, and immediately thought how much the blocks looked like the Keva planks we play with at our science museum. So I put them with the school stuff, and they were an instant hit!

These were our most fought over item this week.

I found this little wooden birdhouse at Dollar Tree and threw it in the basket even though I had no idea what to do with it. It has two holes in the front, so I tried matching it with a marble to put in and shake out. I had my doubts, but Daniel loved it. The main problem was keeping him from stealing the marbles from other works and winding up with ten marbles to poke into the birdhouse and shake back out again. :)

Abbie had fun with the mystery bag.

They got to color.

They played with the popcorn and trucks.

And the balls/tubes/jars work. This is one of Daniel's favorites.

He really prefers these open-ended works.

I put out a bucket-full of shapes to string. Sort of along the lines of making a rainbow. We really need shorter strings. These strings came with our lacing cards and are incredibly long. None of the kids have the patience to fill them, and then their "rainbow" is lost on the long string.

I traded out our color die for a capital letter one. I don't think Daniel chose it even once, but Abbie had a good time with it.

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Homeschool Madness said...

I just went to the dollar store yesterday and got some flowers and a vase for the same kind of activity with my daughter! :) I had planned on doing it this week! Sure looks like fun!

MoziEsmé said...

i love the flower idea...

TheRockerMom said...

Thank you for so many wonderful and inexpensive ideas. I passed on a Jenga game a few weeks ago at a thrift store because dh said we didn't need it. We'll find another one now.


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