Mar 15, 2009

Totschool: rainbows and spring

These past two weeks, we have been very busy enjoying Spring. We have shifted most of our focus to rainbows, farm animals, and flowers.

Abbie doesn't pick this bead stringing activity often, but when she does she enjoys it thoroughly.
(please disregard the brown spots on her face and clothes... she sampled an M&M out of our rainbow work.

I put farm animals in with the blocks, and this already popular work immediately had a "two-year" waiting list. It didn't get a rest for days...
Do you see that look in his eye? That look means -

destruction was on his mind. He will spend a good long time building barns for the animals in order to get a moment's glee by dumping blocks on them or running over them with the tractor. Boys are fun, aren't they?
(and yes, he did pick out his own clothes this day)

Abbie put this ABC puzzle together (with help) because I promised to sing the song with her when she was done. She tried to con both me and Kaytie to singing it with her anyway, but we stood firm. When she did finally get it done, she was very very proud to sing and admire her hard work!

They had a blast making rainbows with skittles and M&Ms! I really set this up for the big kids, but the littles were drawn to the candy like moths to a flame. Neither one of them have managed to complete a rainbow, but they have gotten plenty of practice dumping and putting the little pieces back in the jar!

This rainbow was a little more their speed, although it still involved a lot of dumping and picking up.

Abbie enjoyed a bit of coloring.

I took an old die-cut of a butterfly, covered it with tape, and let them cover it with stickers.

It takes a lot of work and concentration... see the tongue?

Abbie really likes the "go-together" cards. However, she uses it like a puzzle. Instead of matching the pictures on the front (does a pillow go with a fork or a bed?) She turns them over and matches the pictures on the back, which are really only there for self-checking.

We entertained some visitors this week. This bird kept coming back and coming back until the kids tossed him some bread. Then, spurning our offerings, he left and never returned.

And finally, our hit of the week. Alphabet Bingo. I made this game a long long time ago when Kaytie and Nate were learning their letters. We play until everyone has all nine letters covered.

Nate was very interested in winning, but no one else really cared. I showed the kids the cards, so they could find the letter that "looks like this", and then we would say the name and the sound. It's just all about exposure. When they are better at their letters, I will make them find it without seeing my card, and then I will use the sound of the letter and not the name.

Every time I said, "Who has a ....?" Abbie would raise her hand and yell, "ME!" whether she had it or not. She is most definitely the comic relief in our family.

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Jolanthe said...

My kids would love the skittles, but I don't think we'd have many rainbows (other than in their mouths!). :)


TheRockerMom said...

Wow! What a productive week! I love the bingo and all the different rainbows.


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