Mar 29, 2009

Totschool Snow in Spring

Totschool was a lot of fun this week. As far as shelves, it was a short week, because we had a couple of other things going on, but the kids got plenty of fun learning in.

Abbie chose books. I have had a couple of our more "educational" books out since I set up the shelves, but I guess they just now noticed them. Abbie liked this one about oceans.

And Dr Seuss's ABCs.

She sorted puffballs. She worked hard to use the tweezers.

And made rainbows out of shapes. Well, actually, she dumped out the shapes then spent the rest of the day picking them up again.

She played with the dressing bear.

And of course, chose the new activity on the shelf... Easter eggs. I found the egg tray at Dollar Tree and dug out a dozen plastic eggs from the food and dishes bin. I hid letters in the eggs, put them in an old Easter basket, and put it all on the shelf. Abbie opened the eggs and scattered the letters around.
Daniel chose the Easter eggs also. He sorted them from the basket into the tray, then "cracked" them open and either named or attempted to name each letter. Then he re-stuffed each egg and played with them awhile before putting them back into the basket.

He chose, making rainbows with shapes. I love how he is concentrating so hard!

Dressing the bear.

Cutting with scissors. He actually picked this twice this week, after ignoring it for so long.

And reading. First he sang the ABC song a couple of times.

Then he looked for all of his favorite pages in the book.

Daniel's un-pictured choices were:
blocks and farm animals
flower arranging

Abbie's un-pictured choices were:
flower arranging

They also played a couple of games together. It was incredibly cute when they decided to play Roll- a - Color together. They played the entire game completely on their own without even any fighting! It was awesome!

Another day, they all four decided to play Alphabet Bingo without me. It started off great, but before the game was over a disagreement between Kaytie and Daniel ended in Daniel being ejected from the game. It was fun while it lasted though. And gave me visions of a future independence.

We went over to the cousin's house for our monthly get-together. She talked to them about plants, and showed them a real plant, roots and all, that they got to touch and talk about. She read them the cute story, Tops and Bottoms.

And then they got to plant bean seeds. (Abbie's is already sprouting as I type this)

They made some cute tulips from chenille stems, beads, and a cut-apart egg carton. They were very cute, but somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of a completed one. She just cut the carton into little cups, poked a hole in the bottom of the cup, then they slipped their stem through the hole in the cup and then through the bead. How cool that Abbie could do hers entirely on her own thanks to our beading in Totschool!!!

And then, at the very end of the week, we had our first real snowfall of the winter. Because we live in a very weird part of the United States where it doesn't bother to snow in December or January, but gifts us with a blizzard in late March. So, naturally, we spent two days playing in it!

On the second day, our cousin came over to play! They built a snowman, and a rather smallish snow fort. They had a snowball fight, swam in the snow, made snow angels and generally had a wonderful time!

Daniel, supervising the building of the snowman.

Abbie, throwing a snowball.
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Bernadete said...

Looks like you had a great week! Thanks for the lovely ideas! I think I am going to check out the local dollar store soon!

angel bug baby said...

What fun! We live in Texas, so we RARELY see snow! I showed your pics to the kiddos and they decided they want to move somewhere where it snows!

Jessica said...

Abby's hair is getting so long! I can't believe how fast these kiddos are growing:)
We got our 2nd snowfall of the winter this past Saturday and my kiddos have been out there for hours too.
Will spent the most time out there since David was working on a vehicle too. After he came in I had to keep an eye on him because he kept running back out with no shoes, sock, or coat on to check on daddy!
At this rate they'll never get over the sniffles.

pucktricks said...

I love Tops and Bottoms! I need to check that out from the library. It is such a fun book

Jennifer said...

Wow! You had a full week. It looks like so much fun. I have really enjoyed your blog and wanted to say thanks by giving you an award on my site. I have definitely copied many of your ideas and am looking forward to seeing what you share in the future.

Julie said...

Wow, what a fun week! Love the changes you've made on the blog...the monkeys are adorable! Hope you are having a good week. :)


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