Apr 15, 2009

Field Trip

Now that the weather is so nice, we are trying to get out as much as we can. On this day, we went looking for adventure at the nearby park.

There was sliding fun. Abbie is a sliding junkie. She has been since before she could walk.

Daniel enjoyed digging, building, and just playing in the rocks.

Kaytie likes to swing like an "airplane".

Nate likes looking cool for the camera.

Kaytie is a great big sister, and Abbie loves to have her help her. I hope they are this close and loving all their lives.

More sliding fun.

After awhile, we took a loooong walk over to the "lake".

My one rule was, "Don't Fall In The Water". And there is Nate, pushing the boundary, as usual.

I think this is the biggest body of water my kids have ever seen. :D

We had lots of fun, and will do it again soon.


Julie said...

That does look like great fun! Such cute pics. I lol at your one rule. :)

MoziEsmé said...

What a fun day!


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