May 4, 2009

Following the crowd...

I've been reading these Daybooks for a while now, but they are always on blogs where I am a reader only, and not a "friend", so I have been reluctant to join in the fun. (there are a couple other reasons as well) Now, a good bloggy friend of mine has started Daybooking, so I am going to throw shyness to the wind and join in with her. So here goes...

For Today... May 4, 2009

Outside my window... It is cloudy and misty. Normally I LOVE this kind of weather, but we have been overcast and chilly for several days now, and it's getting a little old. We need a day of sunshine so we can get out and play!

I am listening to... silence. All the kids are napping, and are actually being quiet for once. We had a busy day yesterday, visiting a support church, so they have been calm and draggy all day.

I am thinking... about re-arranging the house and spring cleaning my school cabinets.

From the learning room... We are trying to get first grade finished before June. Totschool has become all about outside and reading tons and tons of books. The teenagers are plugging along, or not, as the case may be. I'm working on my plans for next year, and am getting very excited and am hoping it all happens as I am envisioning it.

I am thankful for... good kids, good friends, and an awesome husband.

From the kitchen... absolutely nothing! Lizzie fixed the kids peanut-butter and honey and they are getting frozen pizzas for supper because my awesome husband is taking me out on a date tonight! :)

I am reading... The Mallorean (David Eddings), Artemis Fowl (the sixth one, I don't remember what it's called) What Katie Did at School, and The Light and the Glory for Children (as I plan for next year)

I am hoping... that we get to move soon

I am creating... lesson plans for next year

I am praying... for my family, for Shannon, for all other Internet friends, and for the salvation of our President.

Around the house... is chaos! I was doing well until we were gone all day yesterday. I really don't understand how the house gets so trashed when no one is even here!

One of my favorite things... I love it when my kids love on and protect each other. The boys got haircuts Saturday night, and Daniel was stressed. Abbie kept wandering around the house, troubled because, "Anjel's c'yin'." It warms my heart to see how much they care about each other.

A few plans for the rest of the week... clean! re-organize! and paperwork

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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One More Equals Four said...

Yay! I am so glad you joined in the fun! I love reading these! We have had rainy weather forever around here, too. It is getting depressing!

Enjoy your date night...I am a bit jealous!

And, I am sorry to say this...but I am so GLAD to hear your house is in chaos! I always read here and am so impressed by how together and organized you are. I can never get myself together so it is nice to know that at least, for a moment, you are human! (I kid)☺

Spesamor Academy said...

You must never think I am organized or together! We are ALWAYS in a disheveled state, so when I say "chaos" I mean "CHAOS!!!!"
I very calculatingly married a man with low expectations as far as housework. :) Honestly, what you see on my blog is my playtime with the kids, because that is what I enjoy doing. A clean house is a struggle for me, and it is only getting better because the kids are finally getting big enough to do some work. :)

But, you should be jealous of the date-night, because it was better even than I expected. ;)


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