Apr 30, 2009

Of Shoes and Spit and Protestations of Innocence

Once, as we were getting ready to go somewhere, Nate asked why they always had to put on their shoes to leave the house. I wasn't fully paying attention, so I explained, briefly and randomly, that shoes protect our feet from rocks, broken glass, and people spitting on the sidewalk. The conversation apparently meant much more to him than it did to me.

Yesterday, we took Lizzie home. I was in somewhat of hurry to get there and back since I had a lasagna in the oven, so I told the kids (Kaytie and Daniel were the only ones listening) that shoes weren't strictly necessary for this trip.
About halfway home, Nate suddenly yelled, "Kaytie isn't wearing shoes!!!!"
There was a brief silence, heavy with the feeling of "so what?" So he asked, "Kaytie, do you WANT to get run over?"
This time the silence was filled with a sense of "huh?" So he tried again, "Kaytie, not wearing shoes is DANGER." And finally got a response, "It is not."
"It IS! It's DANGER!"
The "so what?" silence was back. He began to sputter, "It is... it is..." until he finally remembered, "People spit on the sidewalk!"
Abbie yelled, "NOT ME!!! Anjel (Daniel) spit on sidewa'k. Not me! I not spit on sidewa'k! Anjel do it!"


Jessica said...

Lol! Kids say the darndest things and so do their parents apparently!

One More Equals Four said...

Kids are so cute! I love how they interpret the things we say without thinking!


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