Apr 24, 2009


My two nieces and my nephew had Prom tonight. They are all home schoolers, and our local association has a prom and a Lock-in every year for all high schoolers who are interested. I went over and took pictures before they left...

Courtney and Elizabeth
aka: Corky and Lizzie :P

Courtney, Brian, and Lizzie
"gotta make the girls laugh"

Little brother/Big sister
or not?

The Three Cousins

I have no idea...

(my husband made the girls' flowers and Brian's corsage)

The girls found a couple of very reluctant dates.

The girls with a couple of their friends. They were laughing because there was three cameras clicking at them and they didn't know which one to look at!


Liz said...

We were all looking down at Courtney's shoes because she was sinking into the dirt

Ms. Courtney Bennet said...

That is true. The sinking feeling was very disturbing...


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