Apr 6, 2009

Totschool: caterpillars

For Totschool this week, we started a study of caterpillars. The kids love butterflies and bugs, and I thought caterpillars would be a perfect segue into the theme of Easter. I found this caterpillar counting game at dltk. I didn't care for the colors, so I chose the black and white option and colored it myself. It was very gratifying when Nate told me that I did a good job! :)

Abbie enjoyed it, but she needed a lot of help. She was thrilled with the final result, though.
Daniel chose it first thing. He loves finding new things on the shelf! He had a hard time with it at first. Eventually, I gave him only a few numbers at a time to work with, and then he flew through it and did it three times before he tired of it.

He chose it often over the week. And did very well putting it together.
Another caterpillar activity was these pattern cards that I found here.
Daniel loved these. They were just simple enough that he could complete them and still be a challenge for him. He did them entirely on his own.
Well, except for a little help from George, who came to school that day.
Abbie got this far and no farther. You can see that she got distracted by decorating her caterpillar and making it pretty. Then, when I wouldn't step in and do the rest for her, she gave up and put it away.
We also read several caterpillar books,
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (of course)
Are You a Butterfly? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries
Arabella Miller's Tiny Caterpillar by Clare Jarrett
Daniel's other choices for the week were:

cutting with scissors. He is getting quite good at this. I will need to start giving him an added challenge soon.

books, of course. I have four little bookworms in this house and library day is almost as exciting as Christmas.

matching objects with their initial letter. He does these wonderfully well. I need to add more letters and soon.

The ABC puzzle. An old favorite.

The birdhouse and marbles.

and lacing cards.

He asked for this goofy picture. :) Silly kid.
His un-pictured choices were:
blocks and farm animals
penguin cards
lower case abc puzzle
Easter eggs
alphabet bingo

Abbie chose:

she loves to pick this puzzle but she only actually does it about half the time. The rest of the time, she will take out a couple of letters, put them back in and put it back on the shelf.

The ABC puzzle. She will get this puzzle about half finished and then put it away unless I sort the rest of the letters by color for her, then she will cheerfully finish it. With the reward, of course, of singing the ABC song through several times.

lacing cards

color matching. She loves being able to do this independently. She is still working on naming the colors.

cutting with scissors. She struggled with the scissors, then finally started tearing it by hand. She was very very proud of herself until she overheard me tell my niece that she was "cheating" and she put everything away in a very huffy way. Poor kid. I didn't think she was even listening to me!

She enjoyed the penguin counting cards. I made these for them last winter and they have sat, ignored, since then. I don't know why she suddenly decided to choose them. But, of course, once she chose them, Daniel did as well. Abbie had great success matching the numbers, even though she can't name them. Daniel was able to name them (0-5) and match the numbers as well as count out the proper number of fish for each penguin. I'm hoping they will use this more often now.
Abbie's un-pictured choices were:
Easter eggs
bear color matching
alphabet bingo
roll-a -color
go-together cards

Last week, we played in the snow. This week, we had a picnic lunch. Such is our crazy, crazy weather!

As you can tell, Abbie also attemped potty-training this week, but we were not successful. She begs to wear underwear, but she just can't seem to catch herself before she pees in them. She was very upset with me when I made her put a diaper back on. :( I understand how she feels, I will be so very happy to be through with potty-training for the last time!
For more Totschool posts, check over at Carissa's for lots and lots of good ideas!

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