Apr 25, 2009

Totschool Returns!

Since Spring came, we have been a little laid-back and relaxed about school. We have been going to the park and hanging outside, and what little school we have done, I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of. But last weekend, I finally got it together and put out new things on our shelves.

So Daniel enjoyed tonging spiny balls.
Does he not look proud of himself?

and I was loving the bright colors!

This was his favorite. It has ALWAYS been his favorite! Apparently he missed it quite a lot.

This "puzzle" I made quite a few months ago, but no one was interested. Ever. So it's been in a box for awhile. Daniel has started showing an interest in letters, lately, so I pulled this out, and he chose it several times. He needs a lot of help with it, still, but he enjoys it. I really need to make more letters for it.

He matched geometric solids to the picture once. Built with the blocks for awhile, then left it on the shelf.

The Go-together Cards have been available for a long time, but he has NEVER chosen it before. After he breezed through it without a second thought, I realized why... it is way too easy for him! He looks like he enjoyed though, doesn't he?

He never got around to actually tracing letters on these ABC cards, but he had fun naming and coloring the pictures. He kept asking me, "What letter is next, Mom?" Then he would flip the page and laugh excitedly.

He chose this, farm magnets and a magnetic board, several times, but always seemed vaguely disappointed in them.

The Viewmaster was a HUGE hit. Especially the picture of the scary dinosaur!!!

Abbie enjoyed the numbers puzzle.

and matching objects to initial sound cards. She did not actually do this on her own, as you can tell. But she loved looking at the objects and naming them.

this is the lower-case letter version of our roll-a-color game

Daniel and Abbie enjoyed playing it together.

She played with the ABC puzzle, although she wasn't able to do it alone at all.

And chose the toothpicks and jar many many times.

She chose this everyday, and played with it until tempted to taste the popcorn and I would make her put it away. Every single day.

She scribbled to her heart's content.

And enjoyed stringing shapes and pony-beads on a string. She really really liked this.

She enjoyed making all the animal sounds and naming the animals. The scarecrow and the barn were new ideas to her. :)
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Bernadete said...

I love the roll a dice game. I'll have to keep the idea in my journal for when my LO gets older!

Sarah said...

What a great selection of toys and tools you have!

Chased by Blessings said...

I love the activities you have available! They do appear to be immersed in their "work".


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