May 18, 2009

Daybook: May 18 '09

Outside my window: I hear birds chirping. It is a sunny day, and in Texas, that means HOT.

I am thinking: about the mysterious leak in the back bathroom and wondering if the house will smell better after it is fixed.

I am thankful for: an awesome awesome new house with an incredible yard where the kids spend most of their days now. They get into less trouble now, because they can run off all that energy, and, surprisingly, they fight less. They are not right on top of each other any more, and they are all breathing better. :) I'm also thankful for friends. We had our ministry team over last night for supper and a long "how to save the world" discussion and it was just a fun, relaxing time together.

From the learning room: We started back to school today. We have four weeks left of First Grade, then we will be just loafing around all summer. We have plenty to outside of the house: VBSes, retreats, a possible vacation, visits to the splash park, Discovery Center, and regular parks. Lots of fun, fun stuff going on! I am, as you know, already hard at work planning next year.

From the kitchen: chicken and rice for supper tonight. A family favorite.

I am going: hopefully, to sort through all of our kid books soon. They have (most of them) been in storage for nearly three years, so I am excited to pull out books we have grown into, and to have them ALL at hand for rotating as I like.

I am hoping: the kids take a nap today. I need an evening free of whiny-ness so I can ditch the kids with Steve and run to the Dollar Tree for tubs and baskets. I'm also hoping that we find the camera cord SOON so I can download pictures off the camera and upload them here so you can see. :)

I am hearing: the kids chatting and hooting in their room. I'm about to send The Cousin in to read her literature in there so they will have a calming influence in their sphere of awareness.

Around the house: I still have to sort some clothes (mine) and go through toys in anticipation of our upcoming garage sale. I'm struggling a little still in the schoolroom, because I have a bit more room than I know what to do with. I'm thinking this summer I'm going to overhaul all of my supplies and whatnot and settle into this space a bit better.

One of my favorite things: listening to the kids' chatter. They say the most hilarious things when they converse together!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Mostly just settling into our routine. I need to come up with a new housework schedule, and fix up a chart with the kids' chores.

A picture thought I am sharing:

I remember when the tall one was the same size as the short one is now. In those days, I was the tall one.

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Julie said...

Sorry, but I had to lol at the "thinking" comment. Only us moms, huh? I'm so glad the kiddos are enjoying and benefiting from the larger yard! So, just how do we save the world? :)

One More Equals Four said...

I am so excited that you are in your house...I know ya'll are loving it! When you are done organizing, feel free to head my way...I am in DESOERATE need of the organizing fairy! ☺

Spesamor Academy said...

Julie, if only everyone would listen to us, it would all be hunky-dory! lol
1more=4, the organizing fairy is my DH, not me! lol

Krissy said...

Hi! Your blog is really cute, and your kids are adorable! I am considering homeschooling my son, so I will check back with any tips you may have. I enjoyed your blog!


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