May 29, 2009

PreK plans

So I realized, that when I typed out my plans for next year, I just kind of blew off telling you about my preK plans. I originally worked out these plans when Kaytie and Nate were in preK. I had to rework them for Daniel, because Kaytie and Nate already knew their ABCs by the time they got to preK. (not because they are so smart {even though they ARE} and not because of my excellent teaching skills {lol} but because when they were one and two, I was pregnant {AGAIN} and exhausted so they spent a lot of time watching Sesame Street, which, apparently, is an excellent way to learn numbers and letters) So anyway, Daniel is a tad behind where they were because he has spent more time building with blocks, driving trains, and finding ways to skin his knees. Which means, his preK will look different, and then I had to re-work it again, to account for our Montessori-style learning (Montessori-lite ;) ) but I believe I have found something do-able that we can keep up with and learn from and adapt to Abbie's abilities and incorporate Alex whenever he is with us and, and, and...

OK. So. Here is the basic overview. First, I took the 26 letters of the alphabet and added in some review weeks, so we will be working for about 35 weeks. (the big kids have a 39 week school year which gives us four weeks of goof-off time, if we need it) Then, for each week, I added a number of the week (1-26) and alternated shapes and colors. I came up with a Bible story and a theme that could be (sometimes loosely) matched with each letter, added a Sign of the week, a memory verse, and a "Bible" song. I then spent MONTHS on the Internet*, poring over preK and Kindergarten teachers' sites (most of which no longer even exist) and pulling together games, crafts and songs to flesh out my ideas.

*So none of my ideas are exactly original to me, but nearly all of them can be attributed to more than one source and a lot of them have been tweaked by me. I don't plan on making any money off of them, so I'm not going to stress too much about copyright, especially since they were all on free sites.

So here, in a nutshell, are the plans for week one of preK.

A (letter of the week) 1 (number of the week) Creation (Bible story) Apples (theme) Circle (shape) Gen 1:1* (memory verse, I put an * by every verse that I expect us to actually memorize since a verse a week is a little much to expect from a couple of prek-ers) This is the Day (song of the week, we will sing many more, but this is the "special" song of the week) God (sign of the week)

These are the games that will be on the shelf, available for free choice all week:

Playdough with circles and cards to make A a and 1
Red circles and trees
Abc puzzle
Creation cards
Sort and count apple cards
Apple cards and raisins or black math cubes (seeds) to count

There will be other things as well, but these are what directly relate to our theme for the week.

These are the "free art" choices:

Apple color sheet
Circles on paper
Color sheet Aa1

There will be one of each, per kid, that they may choose to do at any time during the week. We will also, one day a week, have a craft time at the table, closely supervised by me. And these crafts will be:

Tree shape and red paint
Tear red paper and glue to apple shape

These are the books we will be reading. I put them in my database as I needed to find them at the library, so I didn't even bother with author's names for non-fiction books. If anyone is wildly interested though, I can easily hunt them down for you.

The Apple Tree J583.372 WA
10 Red Apples Pat Hutchins
Apple Trees J583.73 SA
Picking Apples J634.11 SAP; Amy Hutchings
From Blossom to Fruit J634.11 SAF
Eating Apples J634.11 SA
The Apple Pie Tree Zoe Hall
Apples of Your Eye J582.0464 FO
My Apple J634.11 DA
The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree Gail Gibbons
Tucker’s Apple-Dandy Day Susan Winget
How to make an apple pie and see the world Marjorie Priceman
10 Apples up on Top Dr Seuss

And finally, here are the games we will play during Circle Time:

Blow bubbles
Ring around the rosy
Apple picking
Freeze dancing/blow back to life
Simon says
Hot apple
Apple hop
Way up high

Circle Time will look like this:

Pledge of Allegiance
Say verse
Calendar (songs and weather and finding the date)
Find the letter and number and shape/color on the chart
Play active games
Read Bible Story and other books

(The big kids can join in on this, but we will have another Circle Time in the afternoon, just for them)


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Wow, your so good at this! :) It looks great.

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

sounds like a really great plan!!! I just posted our abc plan for my LO's prek year!! hope you don't mind but i included your blog on my great mommy school blogroll!


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