May 26, 2009

Tuesday Daybook: May 26 '09

My Day book is going to be late this week because Monday was a holiday. I didn't get on the computer ONCE all day long! Imagine that. lol And then, I typed this yesterday, and never got around to uploading the picture and posting it. sorry. :)

Out my window: it is another hot, but beautiful day. I love having a yard!

I am listening to: the kids playing. They keep bouncing back and forth between playing in the backyard with Oreo to watching PBS Kids in the living room. Right now, there is a passionate discussion going on about something being "lellow" or not.

I am thankful for: The extra fun day we had yesterday with family. We had three of my brothers, a sister in law, two nieces, three nephews and a nephew's special friend over for a Memorial Day full of fun. Barbecue chicken, ice-cream sundaes, football, squirt guns, Apples to Apples, a fun new water sprinkler and bocce filled the day.

From the kitchen: leftover barbecue chicken and chips.

I am creating: nothing. Somehow, as the weather gets warmer, and the out-of-doors looks more alluring, inside pursuits are losing their allure. I find myself spending more and more time outside with the kids and the pup.

I am reading: Hopefully, the last of the Mallorean. And Six Hours One Friday, (by Max Lucado) because it is in the bathroom.

I am praying for: friends who need comfort and guidance and their husbands who need jobs; family members driving back to Arkansas today; my husband's foot to not be broken.

Around the house: cleaning up the detris from a day of partying. Although, thanks to the wonderful hard work of my limping husband, only the kitchen really needs any work.

One of my favorite things: snuggling ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week: carrying on with school... Kaytie's piano recital on Thursday... maybe taking our coupons and going bowling...

I am thinking: that it is just as hard to type with a puppy in your lap as it is with a baby

I am going: to Good News Club this afternoon.

A picture thought I am sharing with you:

They called it Speed Bocce!


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