Jun 10, 2009

Daniel's new friend

It rained today, and that means Daniel had a new friend to play with this morning. Daniel is our scientist kid. He loves to explore and examine and discover.

And he isn't very squeamish. This poor snail was picked up and carted all over the yard at dizzying speeds.

Funny thing, though. I have always heard the snails move slowly, but once he escaped from Daniel the Science Guy, he sure disappeared very very quickly!
Nate was taking pictures with the kids' camera. It's an old one of mine, that doesn't work. All the kids enjoyed looking at his pictures afterwards.


Tiany said...

How cute , your littles are precious! My boys would have made a pet out of him!

Rebecca said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your blog! I have a Nate, and I also have a naturalist as well! It is very nice to meet you!
In Him,


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