Jun 1, 2009

Daybook: June 1, '09

Out my window: a beautiful early summer morning... there is a mocking bird out there somewhere, and I can see from here the spot in the ivy on the garage that a couple of sparrows use as the front door to their nest. Is that sentence convoluted enough for you?

I am listening to: the kids outside "picking up" the backyard. Nate is calling Oreo. I guess to come and help?

I am thankful for: a wonderful husband who took care of the kids and the house and the dog yesterday and let me languish with the toothache.

From the kitchen: spaghetti for supper. It's one of the many meals that make my kids say, "MMMM! My favorite meal!!!"

I am creating: hopefully, the last of my lesson plans for second grade. I have most of my curriculum in and am doing detailed planning this year. I might get around to posting about that soon.

I am reading: What Katie Did Next an odd little book, very dated, but interesting if you like old-fashioned books. :)

Around the house: we have started our goal chart for the kids... oops, haven't mentioned that to you, have I? :) There will be a post about that later today or tomorrow.

One of my favorite things: a Panhandle morning... nowhere else is quite so fresh, crisp and clean!

I am praying for: a little boy I don't know, named William. He fell and crushed his windpipe. He is currently at home, but still has a trach.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Get back to finishing up first grade! My new goal for this is: the end of June. But really, I don't care, as long as we are done by the first of August.

I am thinking: oh dear... I guess that I am thinking that I really DON'T want to go to the dentist. Nor do I want to drag four kids to the library... but my teenager is busy this week and we really need new books, so. sigh.

I am going: to the dentist, to Michael's, looking for good but inexpensive pencils and art stuff for the kids, and to the library. Pray for us. ;)

Here's a picture thought I am sharing:

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PS, When I first typed the title of the book I am reading, I mis-spelled Katie. lol I only barely caught it when running spell check. :)


Simplicity said...

This is wonderful!
I don't know what the Daybook is, but I am going to be checking it out.
I'm also looking forward to seeing what you have to say about lesson planning and goal-setting. I am a weekly/daily kind of planner, but I would really love to be able to plan out the entire year.
Is your tooth better?

Spesamor Academy said...

Ok, I'll post it just for you! ;)
My tooth isn't much better, but I think I'm having it pulled tomorrow. Then it will feel better.


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