Jun 7, 2009

Daybook: June 8

Out my window: A beautiful summer morning. Everything is fresh and green.

I am listening to: the children arguing over their beds. Why? I don't think they know.

I am thankful for: the baptism of my two oldest children yesterday. It is incredible to hear the testimonies of people who are saved from dark, painful, sin-filled lives by God's love and grace. But it is also a blessing to see small children trust their lives to Him from the very start. These two are fourth and fifth and possibly even sixth generation followers of Christ.

From the kitchen: I'm not sure. Probably burritos. We had such a busy weekend, I didn't make it to the grocery store for the week.

I am creating: summer plans.

I am reading: Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado; and an Elsie Dinsmore book

I am praying for: a sweet little girl in a heart-breaking situation and her family.

Around the house: Trying to recover from the weekend. I still have some sorting and arranging in nooks and crannies from the move.

One of my favorite things: snuggly babies

A few plans for the rest of the week: We are going to the zoo with the cousins. I want to hit up a splash park, since it has been so hot. A visit to the library to collect prizes. And, of course, a trip to the grocery store.

I am thinking: about how much Americans expect and demand Utopia. How dare anything go wrong with me! Let's sue. Start a Foundation. Do whatever we can to make sure nothing bad ever happens again to anybody, ever. It sounds like a good reaction, but I believe the underlying principle behind it is deeply flawed.

I am going: If I go anywhere, it will be grocery shopping. But I'm betting that doesn't happen today.

From the learning room: still struggling to finish. sigh.

A picture thought I am sharing with you:

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