Jun 2, 2009

Detailed planning

I am a detailed person. I love lists and plans and organizers. I prefer to have a plan in place long before I need it. Last year, for first grade, I tried to plan chunks and themes and just plug in the daily details as I went along. Well, that didn't turn out very well. We wound up not doing as much fun stuff as we should have, and we are STILL doing the basics here in June, with about ten days of work left to go.

So I decided that second grade would be different. I had already been looking at our curriculum choices since I finished deciding about first grade, so I have been pouring my energies into a daily planning out of ALL of second grade. I posted already here what exactly we will be using. (Oh, and I did end up buying the Latin.)

I started by creating a table in Microsoft Office Word, because that is a program that I know how to use. Actually, I made 39 tables, one for each week of the school year. We are working for 39 weeks because three months actually wound up being 13 weeks instead of 12 (who knew?) and 3 terms of 13 weeks is... 39 weeks. Yes, I am very scientific in my methods!

Ok, so, 39 tables with a row for each day and a column for each subject. Then I just went through the subjects one by one and sorted out the material into daily chunks. Most of the subjects did not have 39 weeks of work, so I staggered out our free time throughout the year.

Here is a copy of our first week. The only subject I am not totally sure of is Latin, because I haven't yet received the CD, so I'm not certain how many times we will be listening to it. Probably more than the once I have listed here.

It did take a lot of work, (and I still have more to do), but I am hoping it will really pay off as we go through the school year. I am planning on having EVERYTHING printed, copied, and sorted into a huge binder; having all my booklists made out for each and every week; and all of my craft, art project, and science experiment supplies ready to go before school starts in September. So the only thing I have to worry about is going to the library and picking up the books I want. I already have everything ready, except for some copying and some booklists for the entire first term. It's a heady feeling.

Oh, and I also created a Word document for each subject that I did any research on, and put all directions, instructions, ideas, and Internet links in that document by week. So when I need to know how to play a game, or find a game online, or remember what an art form looks like, I can easily find it.


Julie said...

Can I just say, WOW. Great job, and I know you do feel good about being prepared. :)

One More Equals Four said...

Wow! I am impressed! Will you come to my house? Cause I have trouble even making a grocery list! I am an organization wanna be! Good luck, sounds like you will be doing great!

joelle said...

Now, this is being organized. I am not an organization junkie and I admire those who are. Way to go! I really like your blog. My kids are 3.5 and 5.5 and it seems that we have a lot of similatities in our homeschooling. I'll keep following your blog.


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