Jun 8, 2009

Go 'Way, Birds!

I need some advice. Oreo is an outside dog. Therefore, his food bowl is outside. Apparently, he is a "snacker" so there is food in his dish all day. The problem is, the local bird population has decided this is their new buffet. How do I keep them out of his food?
I have no desire to move his bowl indoors.
A scarecrow won't work, because we were standing a foot away from his bowl when a robin and some cheeky sparrows came to dine. They acknowledged us with a polite nod as they helped themselves.
I covered the bowl with a frisbee, but I don't know if he can or will get it off when he wants to eat. And I am positive he won't be putting it back when he's done.
What to do? What to do?

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