Jun 9, 2009

Kaytie and Nate's baptism

Kaytie and Nate have both asked Jesus to forgive their sins and to come live in their hearts and be the Lord in their lives. It was amazing to me to see them change after they came to this decision. You expect a change in attitude and "fruit" in an adult, who has plenty of sin in their life, but there was a definite cleansing and renewing, even in these two little "innocent" children.
We believe that baptism is a public confession of faith in Christ. Kaytie and Nate both understood that this ceremony was their opportunity to declare their belief that Jesus is THE WAY not only to Heaven, but to eternal life that starts right now.

It was so special that their Daddy got to baptise them.

This is all seven who were baptised with the three pastors who officiated.

I made sure that they knew what to expect, and they both did wonderfully. The only hitch was that Nate was a little impatient to get dunked. He kept throwing himself backward while Dad was still talking.

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