Jun 2, 2009

Summer Fun Idea #1

Does your library have a summer reading program?
Ours does. The kids keep track of how many minutes they read and every so often they can trade those "minutes" in for prizes. The ultimate prize being, of course, a new book.

It is incredibly cool, but it makes me feel very guilty...

Prizes for doing something that we love and would do anyway?

How crazy is that?


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

we've turned in list 1 out of 5 (its 20 books per list. they get a book for each through 4. list 5 they can pick between a book, book bag, harmonica, or art case with supplies this year!

Julie said...

I LOVE that one of the kiddos is reading a dictionary. :) My ds3 likes his child's version, too.

Spesamor Academy said...

Your library is MUCH cooler than ours! We are getting ducky squirt guns, a plush pen, and a book. The only cool thing is that I get to participate, too. So we will be getting FIVE books this year!
Julie, I took that picture because I used to read the dictionary and the encyclopedia all the time when I was a kid. I would read anything that stood still long enough. lol

Melissa said...

Barnes and Noble has pretty easy one, too. You get a book for reading 8 "age appropriate" books.

Spesamor Academy said...

The Barnes and Noble thing is apparently a well-kept secret... I couldn't find it from the homepage at all. So here is the link to it
Thanks for the link, Melissa!

Simplicity said...

Thank you for that link!
Someone told me about Barnes and Noble, but I couldn't find it...and then I forgot to keep looking!


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