Jun 18, 2009

This was so much fun, I just had to share

The kids are VBS-ing all week, and I have been enjoying myself after I drop them off by browsing through stores I rarely get to visit unencumbered. That is how I found this game...

I have read about this game on several blogs, most notably here. A blog that is full of good ideas for games and fun supplements for school. So when I saw it, for cheaper than I could get it at Amazon, I just couldn't help but buy it.

We tried it out today, and it was a big hit. There is an incredible variety of ways to play, for different ages, interest levels, and abilities. We started off on the easiest way and everyone had a good time. I love that the pieces are sturdy enough and color coded that Abbie was able to pick and place her own cards. The kids loved the silly sentences. Daniel was able to "read" the picture cards, and he definitely felt like one of the big kids with this game. There are several ways to "earn" your cards, so the game flowed well and played fast. This is important so that no one gets bored and cranky.

I also liked that even though it is an "educational" game, and the kids are learning, winning does not depend on skill level, so Abbie had just as much of an opportunity to win as the big kids. It says it is for kids age 4-7. I would not buy this if I only had a 2 year old, but for playing in a group, this is an easy game for 2 and 3 year olds to "play up" with their siblings. They aren't learning grammar like the big kids, because they didn't really get it, but they were able to join in and play and have fun. I did use the opportunity to talk about colors with Abbie and beginning sounds with Daniel, so they DID learn, too!

My one gripe with the game is that on the die, the adjective and the article are both yellow. This was irritatingly confusing. It would have been so easy, and made so much more sense for the adjective to be blue, like the cards.

After the game, the two readers among us amused themselves for a while shifting their words around and pulling new cards to make new sentences. I was able to point out that word order was important for the sentence to make sense.

And that was just our first time to play! I am looking forward to many hours of fun learning with this game.

You can check it out at Amazon, of course, and also at the DK website, here.

I'm looking at other DK games now. Because I really fell in love with this game!

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One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like fun, I'll have to check it out, my kiddos LOVE games and would probably enjoy this!


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