Jun 21, 2009

Totschool: summer school

I haven't been posting about Totschool, because, technically, we haven't been having any. But honestly, even though we haven't been working with "educational toys", haven't been learning ABCs and counting every morning from stuff off the shelf doesn't mean we haven't been learning! "Doing school" is fun and all very well, but there is much more to educating these little people than a formal education. So Daniel and Abbie's Totschool the past few weeks has been like this:

Daniel plays outside A LOT. He has discovered roly-poly bugs, June bugs, ladybugs, and ants. He has made friends with a snail named Harvey, been introduced to Harvey's mom, dad, and little brother (a snail that was just growing his shell, very very cool to see, but gross to touch). He has been digging in dirt and sand, investigating flowers, leaves, green nuts, and berries. I have been supplementing this fun with lots of library books about plants, bugs and snails. We have ALL learned a ton about snails the past few weeks. He has also been building with blocks, making train tracks, playing with a hula-hoop and jump rope, and having fun throwing balls outside.

Abbie has learned about mud. :) She is also very into the doll house these days, and spends a lot of time putting the babies to sleep, potty-training the toddlers, and helping the mommy drive around. She loves to cook with their toy dishes, and I get to taste them all! But her passion these days is dressing-up. At any given moment she could be a fireman, a princess, a "Bob the Builder" or a bewildering compilation of all three! I love the imagination that two-year-olds display, and I love to see those connections being made between what she knows and what she is learning.

Both kids have been learning about the joy and responsibility of a puppy. They both have been given new regular chores around the house: Abbie puts her pjs away, and Daniel puts away all the clean silverware. They have been watching educational shows on PBS, reading and being read to, coloring for the fun of it, and being "socialized" by the dynamics of family life.

So our Totschool has been very informal, and not so very exciting to talk about, but a lot of fun to do!
For more Totschool fun, go here!


Jenny said...

I stumbled upon your blog from 1+1+1 :)my 2 girls share the same names as yours..LOL :)Sounds like some fun outside/inside exploring!! Happy Homeschooling...

TheRockerMom said...

I love hearing about "Life School" as Carisa calls it. It sounds like they've been very busy, indeed. Thanks for sharing!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I think that your kids have the best possible summer school they can have. They are in their natural environment - playing and having fun. What can be best?

Mama Teaching 2 said...

What sweet days you have. :)


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