Jun 20, 2009

Vacation Bible School 2009

The kids spent last week going to VBS. Kaytie and Nate are veteran VBSers. This was Daniel's first year to be old enough to go. But all three of them had a wonderful time. They love the crafts, games, and yummy snacks. They enjoy the singing and the stories. But best of all, for them, was the crazy stuff. Every year, the director assigns something silly to wear for each day of the week. Silly socks day was exciting, pj day was fun, but the highlight of the week (of the year, really) is Crazy Hair Day. They and their cousin dream up ideas and talk of nothing else for days. (and I mean that literally)
(Even though Abbie didn't get to go to VBS, she did get in on the craziness of colored hair.)

At the cost of a few dollars for gel and hair color... we got these priceless results...

For the last day of VBS, they have a Parent Night, and a carnival. For kids our age, the carnival is about Bounce Houses and lots of yummy, special treat kinds of food. Yes, all in one evening, our children inhaled: a corndog; cotton candy; sprite; popcorn; frozen, chocolate-covered bananas; and fruit-kabobs. All the way home, Abbie stuck out her tummy like a cranky expectant mother and complained of belly-aches. I think she would do it all over again in a heartbeat, though, if given the chance.
There were two bounces. This "little" one, and an obstacle course.

The kids had a good time riding the dinosaurs, even though Daniel did get bounced right off the back of this one, thanks to Kaytie's enthusiasm.
Abbie also enjoyed chit-chatting with the dinosaurs.
Daniel conquered himself a palm tree.
And Abbie discovered creative ways to get in and out. She would jump for awhile, then get out and come to me to get a drink or a bite. She would say, "mmmm!" lick her lips, and run back to jump some more. No wonder her tummy was complaining!
But the Big Bounce/Obstacle Course was the most fun! After the first time through, Nate came running up, screaming with delight: "That was SOOOOO MANIC!" I don't know where the expression came from, but it was obviously meant to express the ultimate satisfaction.

Abbie gave up trying to climb the wall, and just started jumping. The wet front is due to her first experience drinking sprite from a can. What you don't see is the cotton candy globbed in her hair. Guess who was first in line to get a shower when we got home? But really, does being a kid get any better than this?

Being the slide fanatic that she is, once I got her over the wall, she LOVED this part!

Forget sliding, Nate just jumped from the top to the bottom. This boy is going to be the cause of most of my gray hairs.

It was a fun evening. Once they got home and showered and were tucked snugly into bed, it took them .03 seconds to fall asleep. Too bad VBS only comes once a year!
My favorite part of the week, though, was listening to Kaytie sing "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" on the way home. :) I remember my mom singing that when she washed the supper dishes. It made all the crazy hair, the rushed suppers, the endless VBS chatter very worthwhile. :)


Julie said...

Such fun! You got some great pics. :) Your kiddos are such cuties.

Simplicity said...

I love this post!
My mother-in-law has started visiting your blog and reading about many of your happenings before I do. She was just telling me yesterday about your VBS and the crazy cute hair! She also shared about Kaytie singing "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" and how your mom used to sing that.
That gives me goosebumps. Soooo precious!


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