Jul 10, 2009

The Dreaded Bedtime...

There was a time, back in the day, when we only had two little toddlers, that we invested a few weeks for intense bedtime training. And we could run through our little bedtime routine, tuck them into bed, and walk away, knowing they would stay quiet and calm in their beds until they drifted off to sleep.

That is, however, no longer the case. Four years and two babies later...

It is difficult to get four kids aged six and under to lie quietly in their beds. Put those four kids all in the same room, and it is IMPOSSIBLE! This is something we struggle with daily. Sometimes, something will work, the next time, not so much.
So finally, last night, I started a new bedtime tradition. I took my Bible in, sat on Kaytie's bed, where I could get light from the hallway, and I read aloud. I read five chapters in the Old Testament, five in the New, a chapter of Proverbs, and a Psalm. By the time I was done, the little ones were asleep, and the big ones were calm. They were also asleep within minutes of me walking out of the room. It was very peaceful, and I feel awesome that we all got a good feeding of the Word.


Simplicity said...

That is wonderful!
I still find myself falling asleep in Josh's bed with both little boys wiggling around next to me. Then, when I finally wake up, I'm sore. Then, I carry Matthew to his crib and usuallly wake Josh up.

All three boys are in one bedroom, so I find it hard to get settled down too.

I love your idea of reading the Bible to them!

Jeanne said...

Spending this time with the Lord must make Mummy feel pretty good too!


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