Jul 31, 2009

Our Vacation

We are home from vacation. It was the first "real" vacation we have ever taken as a family, and it will always be fondly remembered. The impetus for this trip was that our ministry team was sent to a marriage seminar that was intended not only to strengthen our marriages, but to teach us how to strengthen others. It was based on the DISC profile, but in reality it was much, much, much, more. It was truly awesome stuff. We came away not only with greater insight in how to work together as a couple, but we also were able to apply it to parenting as well.
My Dad and Stepmom were very gracious and almost frighteningly brave as they agreed to keep all four of the kids for us Friday night and Saturday. They had a great time with Papa and Nana until we got there, and then for the rest of the week. Papa kept them busy with tractor rides.

And even let them "drive".

He had them making cookies, popsicles, and funny pictures with his camera.

Can you tell they liked that lawn mower?

Nana let them play with her Barbie dolls. That was quite a treat for the girls, as they had never seen Barbies before. Abbie had a blast dressing and re-dressing the dolls, and Kaytie spent a good amount of time organizing the suitcase. Another big hit was a giant stuffed puppy. It was seriously bigger than Daniel.

I'll leave the rest of vacation for another post. Well, actually, I'm thinking I'll do a series of posts, because they are all going to be very picture-heavy.


Dealz said...

Nice blog. Just stopping by check out my blog. :)

One More Equals Four said...

Gotta love those grandparents! Glad you all had a good vacation!


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