Jul 2, 2009

Summer Reading Club Loot!

We finished up our Reading Club and collected all of our free books from the library. I consider it a personal victory that we managed to get out the door without the board book shaped like a saw. Not that I have anything against board books shaped like a saw, but my youngest is fast approaching two and a half, and we have tons of board books already (even if none of them are shaped like a saw) that we will soon have totally outgrown. I was urging them toward books that we might use and enjoy a little longer than that.

We wound up with some pretty nice books. There were more there that I wanted, but all in all, I'm happy.

These are the books we brought home...

and an insect guide,

which is by far my favorite of the books, and the one we will use the most. Nate has several times trotted it out to ID some bugs he found in the backyard, so it is a great success already!

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