Aug 26, 2009

A Day in the Life Bloghop (more than a day late)

Once more, I am late for My3Boybarians blog-hop. And I STILL can't get the cool button thingie onto my post, but there are tons of good posts over there by bloggers who are much more together than I will ever hope to be. So hop over there and check them out!

We haven't totally started back to school yet this year. The highschoolers started on Monday, but the rest of us won't start until next Monday. So I guess I'll just share with you how I hope our day will look.
8am: everybody up. (sounds good, but in reality, this means the kids will descend upon me about 7:45 in a body. Daniel will start jumping on the bed. Nate will snuggle on one side, cold feet and all, and Abbie will snuggle on the other side, while Kaytie perches as close as she can and talks a million miles a minute until I finally give up and get out of bed.)
8:30 by this time, everybody, including the dog, should be fed, dressed (well, not the dog), have their bed made, and their hygiene taken care of. At this point, we start the chores. Except for making her bed and putting her own clean clothes away, Abbie doesn't really have much to do, but all the others are very helpful and can usually be trusted to do their jobs with minimal supervision. They play in between jobs and after their part of the work is done.
10:00 By this time, all the morning chores should be done and we should be ready to begin school. The teens show up at this time and can mostly fall to work with only a question or two.
From 2nd grade down, we will start with Circle Time. I expect this to last less than 15 minutes, and we will pack a lot of stuff into it, so the kids will stay pretty busy singing, chanting, and dancing.
Then, the little kids will have free access to their shelves and will work as long as they desire. When they are done, they will play in the playroom or go out in the backyard as they choose.
The big kids will do:
their reading, both reading aloud to me and their own "for fun but only during school-time" reading. (This is my answer to them wanting to read chapter books, but me not wanting them to ruin their eyesight with small printing. They have access to bigger print books whenever they want.)
piano practice
First Language Lessons
and any handwriting assignments for the day
These are all things they can do "on their own" with only a little guidance or input from me. Or things that I can do with them while keeping an eye on the little ones. And, most importantly, things that will not irresistibly appeal to the preK set, so that they feel they must be involved at all costs, thereby neglecting their own otherwise enjoyable activities.
Hopefully, this will all be done by
Noon so we can have a PE time. Only, I will NOT EVER AGAIN call it that in their presence. EVER. (remind me to tell you that story sometime...)
At 12:15 or 12:30, depending on how well our structured outside time goes, I will fix lunch while they 'run around for no good reason' as Nate would say.
Lunch will be over by 1:00 (and yes, I do have to put a time limit on it or my incredibly slow eaters would stay at the table until suppertime) when everyone goes and rests or pretends to rest. The two big ones are allowed books, the little ones are not. I call it nap-time even though no one actually naps because Quiet Time it is not.
By 2pm, Kaytie and Nate will be up again, doing the rest of their school. This will consist of:
their Circle Time, which is the things I want to go over daily or weekly or regularly but with which I don't want to bore the pre-K set. We will also do: science, history, Latin, art and all of our Geography fun, including cooking on Fridays. Once they are finished, they will be able to have at their shelves until four thirty. (This is also the case in the morning. Hopefully, this will be an incentive to working fast and staying focused). Shelf work includes computer time. When the little kids "wake up", they will play on their own either outside or in the playroom.
At 4:30, we stop for snack and they will be on their own as far as entertainment goes while I finish up the housework and start on supper. It's usually about this time that the teenagers disappear. (but don't worry, they will be back tomorrow)
Evenings are not scheduled at our house as we never quite know what Dad will have in mind for us.
Bedtime routine starts at 9pm.

This is the plan for our days... except for Wednesdays when Nate has piano lesson at 12:30 and Kaytie at 1:00. Lizzie will babysit and feed the kids while we are gone. And afternoon school will commence after we return and they have eaten lunch. So there will be no structured PE on Wednesdays.

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