Aug 3, 2009

Daybook: August 3

Out my window: a very warm summer day... and a sleeping puppy

I am listening to: the kids playing some very loud game in their bedroom. I guess nap time is over?

I am thankful for: no more tooth pain! An almost clean house. Our fun vacation (that I will finish blogging about soon!) and that we are home again. :)

From the kitchen: spaghetti

I am creating: book lists for school and trying to finish my animal cards for geography. I have the first of them done, but I still have several continents to work through.

I am reading: The Outlaws of Sherwood

I am praying for: Nana

Around the house: I got the bulk of the house under control today in hopes that I can focus on the school room and play room in the next few days. I am finally fed-up enough with the toy situation that I am willing to purge. A LOT. I've been eyeing it for awhile now, and I think we can reduce and simplify with no pain for anybody but me.

One of my favorite things: a summer evening twilight in Texas

A few plans for the rest of the week: Purging the toys. Organizing the schoolroom. Our library is having a book sale this weekend, and there is a curriculum sale that I am going to on Friday. Exciting! :) Also, Abbie is potty-training this week. We started this morning, and so far, it is going GREAT!!!

I am thinking: about how fast the summer flew by!

I am going: hopefully not much of anywhere this week. Abbie needs to stay close to the bathroom, so the rest of us will, too. Maybe we will go to the splash park tomorrow, since it will be the last day... maybe not. Really, where DID the summer go?!?!?

From the learning rooms: If I can get everything in order this week, we might start some fun stuff next week. But I'm not holding my breath!

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A picture thought I am sharing: Sisters


Leptir said...

Hi! I discovered your blog today and I think it's very interesting.I'll use some of your ideas for my Montessori class someday. Thank's for sharing!

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a good, busy week! Potty training--Ugh!

As usual, you seem very prepared, I have been trying to get organized this week but haven't gotten a lot accomplished yet. Hoping to get better because we start back to tutorial next week and life will get back to a million miles an hour!

Have a great week!


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