Aug 21, 2009

He's such a sweetheart

Daniel approached his dad with an unusual request, "Will you pull out my teeth?"

It did not take Dad long to figure out that what Daniel really wanted was tooth fairy money.

And it did not take Daniel's sad-but-hopeful expression long to brighten at the sight of his very own nickle.

Then he wanted to play "Heads or Tails" with me. He was having a great time flipping his nickle and checking to see if Mommy won or not. Unfortunately, every single time, it was "not". I started making exaggerated sighs and fake crying when I lost to make him giggle. It amused Kaytie, but not him. At last, he flipped it and picked it up without announcing which side was up. "Did I win?" I asked him.

He hesitated, then said, very sweetly, "Almost."

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