Aug 13, 2009

Living math... I think

When you run in homeschool circles you often hear about kids learning from life and picking up information as they need it. As a sequential, orderly thinker, this is hard for me to wrap my mind around and accept. So my kids often blow my mind...
Daniel and I were chatting this morning because he was wanting to start school. I asked him if he could count to five. He did, but then he started to struggle on his way to ten. He kept saying "C" instead of numbers. I was busy trying not to think about how Nate could count to ten in his sleep at this age.
Well, then at lunch, I made a whole sandwich for each of the kids, cut them in half, and served each kid half a sandwich. I left the remainder on the counter. Daniel asked if he could have more and I told him he could get one off the counter. He turned to Kaytie and said, "I'm getting more. There is only going to be three left. Now there's four, but I'm taking one, and there will only be three left."
:) He can't count to ten without help, and he has trouble remembering the difference between numbers and letters, but he completely understands the concept of subtraction and can even plug the numbers into the equation!
This right here is one of the main reasons why I homeschool. I want my kids to know what they know when they are ready to learn it. At the end, they will know the whole picture without any fear or shame because at some point they didn't know what they were "supposed" to know.


Julie said...

Great post! We feel the same way. :)

Leptir said...

It's wonderful that you have possibility to homeschool your children. Here, in Croatia, we can't do that. :-(

Jeanne said...

Hey, that's great! Sounds like Daniel's ready to start school afterall, Mum!

PS He's only three - looks to me like he's just where he should be. Relax!

Have a nice day - haven't heard from you for a while!


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