Aug 17, 2009

Not Back to School Pictures

We take our "official" school pictures on the first day of school. I would say "we always" but since last year was the only year we have taken "official" school pictures, it seems kind of silly to claim it as a bonafide tradition. It is more of a tradition in the making.
However, we didn't want to miss the Not Back to School Bloghop so we went out this morning to take some unofficial pictures.

Kaytie is six and a half. She will be starting second grade this fall. She is smart and creative and funny. She is always coming up with a plan and ways to implement her plans. She is my big helper. She begs to dust and sweep and cook and is always willing to lend me a hand when I need her.

She loves gymnastics, ballet, princesses, craft projects and reading. Her current fascination is extreme weather, especially tornadoes (we live in Tornado Alley) and often comes to me of an afternoon, asking, "Mom, was the air hot and still this morning? Because my tornado book says that a hot and still morning is a sign of a tornado in the afternoon."

Nate is five and a half. He will be starting first grade this fall. He is a genius. Which means he is incredibly smart and excessively quirky. He can, and will, make up stories at the drop of a hat about things he has done and animals he has seen. He was convinced for awhile that he is allergic to bats. Because he more than half believes the tales he comes up with. He is decisive and determined. He has quite a sense of humor. Currently, he needs a haircut.

He loves dinosaurs, balls, making noise, getting dirty, reading, and playing with his brother and sisters. He laughs a lot. His current interest is reading everything he can about animals and bugs. He is starting to ask a lot of questions about caves and what lives in them, so that will probably be his next craze.

Daniel is three and a half. He will be starting preschool in the fall. He is excited about starting school and learning how to read and write. He is our serious, practical little guy. Except that his pet peeve is being called "little". He is always quick to remind us that he is a "BIG BOY!" Of all the kids, he gets in the least amount of trouble. He is the sweetest and most sensitive of the kids... the first to give in to a sibling or to share a special treat.

Daniel loves trains. Specifically Thomas the tank engine. Especially his train set. He spends his time setting up his tracks and running his trains. Secondarily, he loves digging in the dirt and building with blocks or rocks. He has a "pet" snail in the yard that he looks for every time it rains. He carries his snails around everywhere and likes to listen to books about snails and snail care.

Abbie is two and half. She will be our Totschool kid this year. She is the typical baby of the family... cute and charming with a million and one tricks to get her way. She chatters non-stop and she expresses herself with intense emotion. Everything is a big deal and requires a LOT of drama. She is also our shy child: in public, all the drama and emotion is shut down. She won't even look at or walk by people she doesn't know.

Abbie loves anything girly. Pink, clothes, princesses, talking on the phone, babies, the doll house, dressing up. She prefers to be addressed as "Daddy's Beautiful Princess" but will settle for just "Princess" if you are in a hurry.


Bobbi said...

Oh those are cute pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Jeanne said...

Wonder first day of school pics. Hope you don't get too many hot still mornings...sorry Kaytie!

Darcy @ m3b said...

Hot, still mornings. I'm making a mental note. If you're in tornado alley - you mustn't be too far away from us. :)

Beautiful family. Wishing you a great year.

Tracy said...

Cute love the pinkie girl and her tongue sticking out! :)
Have a great year!


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