Aug 20, 2009

Quiz time!

While roaming the Internet for geography ideas for big and little, I came across my new addiction. There are 195 (194 if you are political and care what China thinks of you and refuse to acknowledge Taiwan. None of which exactly describes me.) countries in the world. How many can you name?
After an inordinate amount of time playing here, I can successfully name all 23 countries of North America, and usually all 12 in South America. However, Africa, Asia and the teensy little wildly-spelled countries of Europe kick my, ummm, you know. And all those islands around Australia? Didn't even know they existed before tonight.
I can name 90ish countries now, though. And gaining all the time.


Jeanne said...

Have you read my post: 25 random things about me?

In it I write this:

There are 165 countries in the world. I have only been to 32 of them (or 35 if you call Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland separate countries rather than the UK.) That means that I have 133 countries still to visit. So many countries; so little time.

Perhaps you want to name them all - I want to see them!!

One More Equals Four said...

Wow, impressive. Let's see, I can name North America, Canada....kidding, but I'm pretty sure I would embarrass myself! Good luck with the addiction!

Spesamor Academy said...

I would LOVE to see them all, too! But naming them is a little more within our budget. ;)

Jeanne said...

Oh dear, I hope you didn't think I was boasting. Sorry.

Spesamor Academy said...

Not at all! I just didn't want YOU to think I was a couch-potato!


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