Sep 26, 2009

Bible Study Guide for all ages

I consider Bible an important subject in school. Not spiritual character-building, which, in my opinion is learned by osmosis as we raise them, but learning where to find what you are looking for, memorizing such things as the Ten Commandments, understanding some of the cultural differences between Abraham's time and ours, and just being exposed to the details of the stories that we miss when we just hear them read to us.
So, for a couple of years, I have been looking for a curriculum for such a subject. Cathy Duffy doesn't have a category for such a thing. Neither does homeschool reviews. And anyone I asked personally just said, "We just use our devotional books to cover Bible."
But finally, Brenda blogged about this curriculum: Bible Study Guide for all ages. So I checked it out, then I hemmed, and hawed, and checked it out again. Finally, I ordered it.
We have been working on it for two weeks now. I did not order the Teacher's Guide, nor any of the supporting materials.


  1. The kids love it. As in, when we finish with a topic or a project they say, "Can we do Bible, now? Is it time for Bible, yet?"

  2. It's on their level. (I am only using this for Kaytie and Nate, so consider this K to 2nd grade level) I ordered the intermediate and it is simple enough for them to do "on their own" but difficult enough for them to feel challenged and to be gleaning new information from it.

  3. It has the perfect balance of circling and coloring/ actual writing. We are only five and six, so our writing skills are still weak. I want them to learn to write answers to questions, but right now writing is very time-consuming, especially for Nate. So being able to underline the correct answer, or color the correct person is really helpful. On the other hand, they do have to write some answers, and there are no full-page pictures to color, so if your child (like Nate) is not into coloring as an art form, that will not slow you down, either.

  4. The map work and timeline are great for my visual learners!

  5. (and this should really have been #1) They are assigned brief passages of actual Scripture to read. This isn't a Bible story book. They are expected to get their answers from the Bible itself. But the passages are manageable for them. (I read them aloud from our NIrV Discoverer's Bible.)


  1. We have only been using these for two weeks and the binding is already shot. The pages are falling out. This wouldn't be such a big deal if I could just slap them into a binder, but since the books are not 8 1/2 x 11 size, I don't know what to use to keep them together. This is very frustrating for me!

  2. They started with Joseph. I "get" their reasoning for doing some Old Testament and some New Testament in each book, but seriously, starting with Joseph instead of Creation is driving me straight up the wall. I would have sent the books back straightaway if the kids had not already just had an in-depth look at Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in church the past few months. This might not bother you at all, but I'm a linear thinker and a strong advocate of starting from the beginning.

  3. The books were $5.95 apiece, (a bigger deal for me, because I had to buy two and will have to buy more for the little kids later, and had to pay shipping and we are on a VERY tight budget around here) and there is only 26 short lessons. So if I followed their recommendation of two lessons a week, we would be done and needing more in December. We are only doing one lesson a week, working on a little bit each day. So this isn't as much of a con as I originally thought it would be. And at least we are not being overwhelmed with a lot of work!

All in all, we are happy with this curriculum. And I really believe I will order the next book when we are done with this one. The kids said they would like it if I did. :) I will probably also get the CD, but I still don't see a need for the Teacher's Guide.


One More Equals Four said...

Hmmm, something to think about. I am writing my own for the kids right now because I couldn't find anything I loved out there. We are on kindness this week and are working through each fruit, so it will be awhile, but I may have to look into this when we are done.

Tiany said...

Thanks for the review! We too have been looking into something similar. Trying to decide if I should just make up my own at this point.

I would also like to learn more about

I will have to check this one out too. :-)

Spesamor Academy said...

I'm a "make up my own" kind of person, but it was soooo difficult to find the info I wanted and the stuff I was coming up with wasn't as cohesive and interesting as this curriculum.
My kids are loving this and learning an awful lot.
Thanks for sharing the link, Tiany! I'll check that out!

Sandra said...

Thanks for your review. This is our first year using BSGFAA, and it has been working for us, too. I just wanted to add that I took our pages to the local office store and had them comb bind them. We haven't had any more problems with pages falling out. Hope that helps!


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