Sep 6, 2009

Circle Time

One of the many blessings that comes from having four kids in four years is that we can be "preschoolish" whenever it suits us, and we have enough people and enthusiasm that it can be FUN! Circle Time suits us. It is a good way to get in all the songs, memory work, and just plain exposure to things that would never happen any other way. The boards that we use are a hold-over from when we lived in the apartment and didn't have any space for anything more. I could fold these up and stick them behind a cabinet when we were done. Now they sit on a shelf, and we leave them out for them to look at all day.
So we start every school day with prayer. Everyone who so desires says a quick prayer, thanking God for the opportunity to learn and asking His help to work hard that day. Or they say whatever they want to. :)
Then we pledge allegiance to the flag and sing a patriotic song. Either the national anthem, My Country 'Tis of Thee, or God Bless America.

Then we sing the days of the week (to the tune: Frere Jacques) and the months of the year (to the tune: 10 Little Indians) and the ABCs. Then we sing songs relating to our weekly theme and that week's Bible story.

Abbie and Daniel take turns pointing out the letter, number, shape and color of the week, and we count both forward and backward.

Then they repeat their memory verse a couple of times (with gestures, if I can manage it), we quickly discuss the weather, their birthdays, and our address. (those are the blurred out parts)

We finish up with that week's Bible story (I read the same story all five days, but each time from a different Bible storybook.) and a few books relating to our theme for the week.
In all, it takes us about 15 minutes. It's crowded around the table, but we do it around the table because they will fidget with the table instead of each other, I will lose the whole group in a nano-second if they have nothing to do with their hands except for invade each other's personal space.

We start afternoon school with "big kid" Circle Time. I think it was at Preschoolers and Peace that I read about doing popcorn prayers with the A.C.T.S. acronym. I really didn't expect it go over well, but we tried it, and the kids love it! We take turns going first each day, and the only rule is: you can't copy what anyone else said, you must come up with your own prayer.
Then they get their own Bible reading. (we are doing this for Bible this year)
We do our math drills, go over money, our memory verse, catechism questions, and our Spanish.

Their Spanish charts are on the back of the Morning Circle Time board. We only do one Spanish chart a day.
Some of the things on their board are just reminders for them to read and use to check themselves during the day.
I have a "cheat sheet" that I printed off of all the things I wanted to do, so I am not having to remember what we have and haven't done that day.
It's fun, quick, and easy. And I think they learn a lot in those fifteen minutes a day.

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Kysha said...

What a great idea! They look so adorable saying the pledge. So cute!


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