Sep 9, 2009


Do you remember Oreo?
He got parvo this week, and we had to put him to sleep. The kids are devastated and the parents aren't doing much better. It was a sad day around here. Kaytie, especially was broken-hearted... she is so sensitive and empathetic.

These pictures were taken a few days ago. The last pictures I took of him before he got sick. He was patiently waiting for the kids to get finished with school and come out to play. He loved his kids, even if he did play a little rough from time to time.
He was a funny dog, and we laughed at his antics a lot. He was also smart and personable. He figured out early that we are a family that functions on routine and he learned effortlessly his place in that routine and was quite obviously puzzled if forced to deviate from it. He always wanted to be around us, and had a way of "knocking" at the door off and on all day long. He jumped up regularly to see us through the door. And if ever that door was opened, he would hurtle through it, blasting through the house until he stopped by running full-tilt into me.
But this is how we will remember him best, because this was his very favorite thing to do... chase balls in the front yard.
We know we will never have another dog like Oreo.


Jeanne said...

As the mum of a much loved doggie myself, I feel for you on the loss of Oreo. They are like much loved members of our families, aren't they?

Jemimah asks that you give Kaytie a special hug from her.

alpiharikalardiyarinda said...

I've lost two of my dogs too. They were old. I can understand your feelings. Are the kids better now?

Shannon said...

So sorry for your loss! We love our pets too!

Anonymous said...

If you get another dog, please please please save yourself the pain and vaccinate the dog. That is all that it takes to prevent parvo and it is a lot less expensive then treating parvo (because it is treatable!) and less painful then putting the dog to sleep.

Spesamor Academy said...

Well, apparently, Anonymous (not to be snarky or anything) but apparently, vaccinated dogs get parvo, too.
However, thanks for your concern.

Spesamor Academy said...

For the rest of you, thank you so much for the prayers!
Jeanne, Jemimah's hug earned a great big smile from Kaytie! Thank you and her. :)

Just Another Girl said...

I'm So Sorry! WE will miss Oreo :'(

Mama Teaching 2 said...

:( I lost a puppy to parvo when I was little. HUGS!


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