Sep 5, 2009

Preschool A says A

After begging for weeks, Daniel was finally able to start Preschool this week. In reality, his work is not that much different from last year, but, since he recently started asking questions like, "What says ssssss?" I started emphasizing letters and letter sounds. He knows all of his shapes, most of his colors, can count (when he wants to) and can ID numbers from 1 to 10, I decided to work more with him on letters and, hopefully, learning to read. He wants to be able to read on his own, so I will do my part. :)

Our letter box was a big step toward doing that. I got this idea while rummaging around at A Bit of this and A Bit of That. I filled the box with a pipe cleaner a, a foam A, and a chipboard a. I dug out as many objects as I could find that started with the short sound of A. Each morning, Daniel would open the box and we would talk about "A says a" while they played with the things. He enjoyed it a lot, and I'm expecting great delight and surprise when he opens it next week and sees it full of entirely new objects.

He did incredibly well remembering how to put out his mat, take things off the shelf, and put them away again. His focus was much longer this year. He would work for at least an hour each day before deciding to go play. And then, after his nap, he would want more. One day he colored in the afternoon, one day he put together puzzles, and one day he played on Starfall.

He loved the stamping and coloring opportunities. Here, you can see, he was attempting both at once. The kids had ink pads, a big A stamp, a little A stamp, and the number 1. They had access to these whenever they wanted as long as they wore the aprons when they were stamping.

You can tell he chose it often.

He enjoyed this as well. I told him the raisins were apple seeds and he had to give each apple the number of seeds it was "asking" for. He was not able to sequence the numbers without help, but he did count the raisins independently. Zero was a new concept for him, and he grumbled at me because I didn't put enough raisins in his box. But he seemed to understand when I explained that zero meant none. I was glad that they liked this work and chose it several times, because there were several steps involved. I kept the raisins in the raisin box, so they had to open the box, pour the raisins into the bowl, lay out the apples, and then count correctly.

For science, I put out a bowl of real apples to explore. Daniel rolled them, stacked them, hid them, learned about the stem, skin, flesh, seeds, and the "dried up flower part". At the end of the week, we cut them up and made applesauce. I used a quick and easy recipe I got from Julie. The kids watched only, but they felt like they were helping because they got to sit up at the table beside me and eat the apple peels. :)
This was another favorite. Two tiny dump-trucks in a bowl of popcorn. This is the kind of open-ended play that he enjoys the most.

He also helped put on a puppet show,

poked toothpicks into a sugar container,
put together letter puzzles,
counted apples on an apple tree, (this was way to easy for him, even counting by color was a breeze! Probably why he only chose it once.)

played with play dough and letter cookie cutters,
poured marbles,

and glued red paper to an apple shape. He had a great time with this.

See how hard he is concentrating?

I would also like to share with you our favorite apple books for the week. I checked out several, but the ones we liked the best were:
Tucker's Apple-Dandy Day by Susan Winget
How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world by Marjorie Priceman
The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree and Apples both by Gail Gibbons
My Apple (a First Step Science book) by Kay Davies and Wendy Oldfield
and, Daniel's personal favorite... Picking Apples by Amy Hutchings
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The Fifth Street Mama said...

What great activities! My 3 year old loves stamping too. He will stamp for an hour if I let him. You did an awesome job!

whisperingwhispers said...

It looks like everyone had so much fun. It is so exciting to see our children learn, play, and have fun!

Susana said...

You are awesome! You planned so many fun activities!! I can't believe all that you accomplished in one short week.

By the way, I really like your blog header picture.

Raising a Happy Child said...

That sounds like a great (and a very busy week). I might use some of your activities for our upcoming "apples" theme and thanks for sharing your favorite books. As for learning to read, I highly recommend My daughter is not even 3 yet, and she can read simple stuff like Bob books. We started with Starfall and now we are learning from Progressive Phonics daily.


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